The Media Education Research Journal - a twice-yearly peer-reviewed academic journal, the first issue of which was published in spring 2010. Volume 4 Issue 2 has now been published.

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Call for papers – MERJ 5.1

The Media Education Research Journal invites submissions for a special issue on the Media and Digital Arts in education by the deadline of April 25th 2014.

Enquiries and submissions to:

MERJ offers a forum for the exchange of academic research into media education and pedagogy conducted by academics, practitioners and teachers situated in all sectors and contexts for media education.

This special issue is edited by members of the DARE collaborative. DARE stands for Digital Arts Research Education, and is an open network or ‘collaborative’ committed to enabling ‘better conversations’ about the relationship between the arts, education and the digital environment. We invite articles and reports on the theme of the media/digital arts in the education of young people, both formal and more broadly defined. These may address the following topics:

  • Digital film-making
  • Game-authoring
  • Comic-book and graphic novel production
  • Critical engagement with the poetics of media texts
  •  The relation between the media arts and social media
  •  The nature of creativity in media arts production
  • The cultural contexts of media arts work in education
  • The media arts and education policy
  •  Media arts and play Media arts production with younger children
  • The media arts and the negotiation of cultural value
  • Multimodality in the media arts
  • The relation between the media arts and other art forms
  • The relationship between creative media arts production and coding, programming and computer science

The standard MERJ submission conventions apply to this edition.

Submissions and enquiries to

Please refer to these when preparing your article or research report: Read the guidelines for submission here.

Deadline: 25th April, 2014.

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